Saint Michaels and All Angels Chapel and Performance Centre

Acquiring a Piece of History as a Place for Celebration & Community Spirit

Saint Michaels and All Angels is a beautiful structure dating back to 1892 that sits at 8551 Busk Road reminding us of Balfour’s rich history. The Heritage Committee has been lucky to acquire the building in the hopes of hosting community events supporting the arts and talent of our local residents as well as an event space for hire.

Staked in 1889, Balfour Township was divided in to streets and subdivisions by Mr. C.W. Busk, many of which he named for family members who had remained in England. Mr. Busk and his family donated the land and furnishings for the church and, despite still being under construction, the first service took place in December of 1892.

Serving as a place of worship for the Church of England as well as important hub for the entire community, the church also played many other important roles for the town of Balfour.  In the floods of 1894 and 1912 as the water rose as high as Busk Street, the church was a place of refuge for those affected. Our local Indigenous population also utilized the historic building as a place to sleep on their long trips up and down beautiful Kootenay Lake. As one of the five oldest buildings in the Kootenays, the Saint Michaels and All Angels is truly a historical treasure for our community.

Due to a reduction in size of their congregation, Saint Michaels and All Saints could see that the use of the building for strictly worship purposes was no longer viable. With the inevitable closing of the church, the Heritage Committee, not wanting to lose the structure as a valuable community resource, expressed an interest and approached the BDBHA Board to obtain approval to make an offer to purchase. This offer was accepted in February 2020 on the condition the remaining $35,000.00 be raised within one year. Our hopes moving forward is to accommodate various groups in our community and foster creativity by hosting various events and performances. We look very much forward to utilizing and maintaining this important part of Balfour’s history in the years to come. Moving forward, the building will now be known as Saint Michaels and All Angels Chapel and Performing Arts Centre.