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Balfour DAZE wants you!

Balfour DAZE is coming soon, on JULY 7
We are looking for musicians, entertainers, kids’ entertainers, artists and artisans, food vendors and especially VOLUNTEERS! Please email balfourdaze@gmailcom for information on how to get involved.
Register now for our Chili Cook-Off! email today and start practising your recipe on your family!

Weight Restrictions now in effect on Osprey 2000; Service Changes begin March 25

Temporary Service Changes — March 11 to April 21

The channel near the Balfour Ferry Terminal has some shallow areas which will be addressed through proposed dredging in the coming year. In the meantime, this creates a navigational safety hazard for the normal operation of the MV Osprey during low spring water levels. The following temporary service changes are required:


Service Change

March 11 – March 24

· Reduced weight load* on the MV Osprey

· Potential for increased wait times during busy sailings

March 25 – April 7

· MV Balfour in operation while the MV Osprey is refitted

· Vehicle capacity reduced to 28 vehicles

· Potential for increased wait times during busy sailings

April 8 – April 21

· Reduced weight load* on the MV Osprey

· Potential for increased wait times during busy sailings

*Depending on the number and weights of commercial vehicles boarding the vessel during this time, the number of vehicles loaded may need to be limited which might in some cases result in a sailing wait for heavier vehicles.

Plan ahead

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this temporary service change. We suggest ferry users:

· Go to Drive BC’s updates for the Kootenay Lake Ferry to check for potential sailing waits

· Check the overhead messaging boards in Nelson and Creston

· Plan to arrive early for the ferry

· Allow time for a potential sailing wait

· Consider off-peak crossing times or an alternate route.

· Help spread the word to your friends and family about these changes

Balfour DAZE 2018

BALFOUR DAZE 2018 is coming on July 7.
We are looking for entertainers, artists and artisans, food vendors, and, of course, volunteers.
If you would like to be involved, please email

Plan to come out and enjoy all the wonderful things the Kootenay Outlet has to offer!

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